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Even though spring fever arrived, full force, on the heels of that 80 degree double header in mid-February – the calendar doesn’t lie. Winter is technically with us for a few more weeks.

That being said, most irrigation contractors encourage homeowners to schedule their sprinkler system’s spring startup service as early as possible.

At Chesapeake, we have hundreds of systems to activate throughout Maryland and D.C. And inevitably, many need repairs.

That means we get really booked, REALLY fast.

Are you on the list yet?

The third week of March is typically a safe time to flip the “on” switch. Even then, only systems with indoor backflow preventers should be activated, as there is still the remote chance of a freeze.

Systems with outdoor backflow units often follow by the first week of April.

Enlisting the help of a professional irrigation contractor is critical to ensure your sprinkler system is ready for watering action once the ground thaws. He or she will take the necessary steps and precautions to save you time, money, and stress once spring finally kicks into high gear. They include:

  1. Inspecting the rain sensor and controller.  Your service tech will review controller settings, adjust date and time, and replace the batteries, among other housekeeping tasks.
  2. Inspecting and cleaning the backflow assembly to ensure the device endured the cold winter without any damage.
  3. Inspecting and/or replacing damaged or worn components, , including nozzles, sprinkler heads, and more.
  4. Visually inspecting each valve to ensure no leaks are present.
  5. Opening the main water valve gradually to prevent damage from “water hammer,”or high-pressure surge.
  6. Inspecting each zone for proper operation and to detect potential pressure and/or electrical issues.
  7. Adjusting sprinkler coverage to avoid driveways and other paved surfaces, and minimize waste.

Your spring startup service is a relatively involved process, requiring meticulous attention to detail, which is all the more reason to plan ahead.

Many homeowners think there is little point in having their systems turned on until they are ready to start watering their lawn. But customers who call in May expecting a contractor to show up the next morning are in for a big surprise. At Chesapeake, for instance, we can be booked for as much as 3-4 weeks out.

Even when scheduling early, Chesapeake will not risk damaging our customers’ sprinklers. When activating systems in late March or early April, all controllers are left in the “off” position so that all our customers have to do is turn a knob when it’s time to start watering.

The calendar does not lie. Although winter is with us for a few more weeks – spring is waiting for us on the next page. And so are our lawns and gardens. Make sure your sprinkler system is ready for them by scheduling your spring startup service with Chesapeake today. Call us at 410-987-2969 to learn more.