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Irrigation System Installation

irrigation system installation

Installing sprinkler system projects, one lawn at a time

Installing a sprinkler system isn’t exactly rocket science, but it is a relatively involved process that entails digging trenches, running pipe, installing shut-off valves, connecting a water source, wires, and more. Hiring a professional is advisable, and if you opt for Chesapeake Irrigation & Lighting, we want to make certain we do the best job possible.

From inspiration to irrigation

Determining the needs of the property or homeowner is the key. This allows our specialists to make knowledgeable recommendations for designing and installing a sprinkler system, and helps us to generate an accurate quote.

An initial meeting with a Chesapeake Irrigation & Lighting designer will take approximately two hours, give or take. We’ll discuss the specific requirements of the property, and review basic plumbing, plant life, and irrigation needs.

From there, our designer will create a drawing of the property for installation and obtain a pressure reading for zoning purposes. Chesapeake Irrigation & Lighting will provide a proposal in a day or two.  If and when a decision is made to proceed, a contract is drafted and the project is scheduled.

Even when the job is finished, our work isn’t over

Our number one priority is satisfying our customers and building lasting relationships. Questions? Concerns? We’re always only a phone call away. Contact us today to discuss installing a sprinkler system or to find out more about our other irrigation and lighting services.

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