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Irrigation Systems

Innovative irrigation systems installation

Time waits for no man, but neither do lawns. And neglected grass can turn an otherwise attractive landscape design into a yellow and patchy eyesore. That’s why automatic sprinkler systems have become an absolute necessity in our increasingly busy lives. Irrigation systems installation from Chesapeake Irrigation & Lighting can save you time and money while eliminating waste.

Regularly timed and uniform watering will ensure that your lawn remains lush and vibrant even in bone dry weather conditions, and automatic timers and remote controls make nurturing your landscaping virtually effortless and hassle free.

Saving you money, saving the earth H2O

Chesapeake Irrigation & Lighting believes conserving water is everyone’s responsibility. After a brief visit to your property, one of our qualified designers can estimate your specific needs and implement a plan that is perfectly suited to your landscape design.

And because our irrigation systems promise precisely enough water, at the right time, and in the right place – both your investment, and the environment, are preserved.

The grass is always greener with Chesapeake

Your lawn, garden, and landscaping require adequate water to thrive. Chesapeake Irrigation & Lighting Systems stands ready to troubleshoot, repair, upgrade and maintain your automatic sprinkler system throughout its lifetime as needs, landscaping and other details change. 

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