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  • 7 Lawn Drainage Damages to Look for Following Heavy Rains

    May was marked by relentless torrential downpours in central Maryland. Just when homeowners thought it was safe to go back in their backyards, another storm would strike, dumping untold gallons of rainwater onto freshly-mowed lawns. Time will tell if June provides a reprieve and/or a merciful reply to those “rain, rain, go away” chants from kids anxiously anticipating the kickoff to summer. In the meantime, this wet weather provides an ideal opportunity to examine your property for any lawn drainage damages that may call for professional intervention. Keep an eye out for these [...]

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    5 Summer Sprinkler Tips to Help You Conserve Water, Save Face

    Mother Nature took her good, sweet time this year, but warm weather ultimately – and repeatedly – returned to Maryland earlier this month. Statewide, mower engines revved, gardening tools were plucked from peg boards, and automatic irrigation systems were primed to quench lawns and gardens on a weekly or daily basis. But these steadily increasing temps, while conjuring daydreams of beach getaways and backyard barbecues, can also lead to a significant waste of water if your household is not irrigating properly. In fact, outdoor water usage in suburban areas can top out at [...]

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    Enjoy Longer Days, Brighter Nights with Spring Landscape Lighting

    So the bad news is that graying clumps of snow still dot yards, parking lots, and grassy median strips. But the good news is that we can see them, in broad daylight, when we leave work at 5 p.m. That means the days are getting longer. And that means that warmer weather – spring weather – is right around the corner. Before long, we’ll return to our patios and our decks to enjoy evenings with family, friends, and pleasant, even temperatures. And thanks to the following spring landscape lighting concepts, we won’t have to call it a night once the sun sets: Take it one [...]

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