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Landscape Lighting

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Installing landscape lighting that inspires

Who said your landscape had to be locked away once the sun went down?

Don’t curse the darkness. Chesapeake Irrigation & Lighting is adept at installing landscape lighting that can add an entirely new dimension to your home’s appearance. Strategic placement of light fixtures and lamps can create a stunning new aesthetic while extending your nighttime living space, coaxing you and your guests outdoors after hours.

Our lighting services will unveil and enhance the beauty of your lawn and garden. A well-lit home can send a welcoming vibe to neighbors, while simultaneously discouraging theft and trespassing by providing property illumination. Additionally, proper lighting on paths, walkways, pools, entrances, and more, contributes to increased safety.

More than just another bright idea

At Chesapeake Irrigation & Lighting, the possibilities are virtually endless when installing landscape lighting for residential and commercial properties. New technologies allow for optimum energy conservation, and our team of experts can customize any job, striking a delicate balance between fun and functionality. 

Our extensive selection of lighting solutions includes:

  • Garden, pathway and deck lighting
  • Moon lighting
  • Energy Efficient LED lighting, including color changing LEDs
  • In ground lighting
  • Post top lights
  • Hanging lights
  • Underwater lights
  • Spotlights
  • Mobile app based remote control

 A night and day difference

Allow us to shine a light on your small corner of heaven and earth. Chesapeake Irrigation & Lighting offers a complete line of products and services for installing landscape lighting. We can make life brighter, regardless of what time of day it is. Contact us today.

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