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Reflections on a Waterfront Lighting Challenge

Chesapeake Irrigation & Lighting’s team recently shed some light on a unique waterfront property in Baltimore County.

Located in a flood plain, the home featured a second story front entrance. With no nearby streetlamps, the stairway leading to the door could become quite dark at times. […]

    Oliver Community Farm: Irrigation on the Front Lines

    When The 6th Branch needed help irrigating a burgeoning urban farm, our sprinklers rose to the occasion. Founded in 2010 by a group of veterans who had served in Afghanistan and Iraq, The 6th Branch is an astounding nonprofit organization that empowers vets by utilizing their military skill set to transform vacant lots into vital community green spaces. The outfit also provides an abundance of support to Baltimore City Public Schools. Last year, more than 2,500 of the nonprofit’s volunteers donated over 800 hours to four neighborhoods and three schools in the Baltimore area. The […]

      Chesapeake Elevates Baltimore Landmark with Rooftop Irrigation

      When Silo Point – touted as one of America’s most award winning conversion projects on the East Coast – needed one-of-a-kind irrigation solutions, they turned to two-time “Best of Baltimore” award-winning sprinkler specialist, Chesapeake Irrigation & Lighting. Located in Baltimore’s Locust Point neighborhood, the 228-condo residential complex was converted from a historic high-rise grain elevator back in 2008. Our firm was recommended for the job by a former irrigation client. Pleased with the work that Chesapeake had provided when he lived in a […]

        Chesapeake Helps Falling Garden Leap Forward in Time

        Our exceptional team at Chesapeake Irrigation & Lighting recently completed a unique sprinkler system install that was more than two centuries in the making. A breathtaking site to behold, the Hampton National Historic Site’s Falling Garden is said to have been one of the largest earth moving projects in America when it was constructed in the 1780s. Located in Northern Baltimore, its multi-terraced, geometric gardens, known as parterres, were completed by 1810. And for the next 200 years, professional gardeners (and, most recently, park rangers) have meticulously planted and […]

          When Clients Want the Moon, Chesapeake Delivers

          In Northern Baltimore County, near the Pennsylvania line, a single-family home is nestled on a breathtaking expanse of property surrounded by lush maples and serenity. At dusk, this rural beauty becomes bathed in soft, LED moon lighting effects that showcase its exquisite features, courtesy of our hardworking team at Chesapeake Irrigation and Lighting. This particular country home had been purchased two years ago, and its owner was in the market for a complete overhaul. A general contractor and a landscape architect were brought in prior to our involvement, and a master plan was established […]

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