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Solar Lighting

Solar powered landscape lighting – Harness the power of the sun!

Solar powered landscape lights by Chesapeake Irrigation & Lighting can save your wallet and the environment.

A practical and attractive option for entrances, outdoor environments, and areas without access to electricity, solar landscape lighting has become increasingly popular with home and property owners.

Because solar lamps are charged by soaking up the sun’s energy throughout the day, they do not require a monthly energy use charge, which translates to huge savings to our customers. Conserving energy in this way also reduces a homeowners’ carbon footprint, and results in a winning situation for everyone. What a bright idea! 

Shining a light on safety

For families with small children (or even some moderately clumsy adults), solar lamps are an ideal choice. No wires means no tripping, no entanglements, and – perhaps most importantly – no shocks.

Solar lamps can also remain lit throughout the night, boosting your home’s security and providing a deterrent to thieves.

During installation, there’s no need to trench in power, reducing costs considerably, and built-in power storage keeps things shining even in the wake of inclement weather.

Some additional benefits of solar powered landscape lighting include:

  • Zero utility costs
  • Low maintenance
  • Programmable controller

Go Solar!

Solar powered landscape lights offer safety, security, versatility, and prestige. There are many styles to choose from and many reasons to do so.

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