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Landscape Lighting LED Retrofit

Reinvent your home with a landscape lighting LED retrofit

A lighting retrofit, in the most basic sense, involves adding new and improved technology to existing fixtures at one’s home or property in the interest of conserving energy and money.

Because interior spaces are frequently the subject of such makeovers, outdoor lighting is often overlooked when the subject of retrofitting arises. The benefits, however, are long-lasting and far-reaching. Chesapeake Irrigation & Lighting offers various options for a landscape lighting LED retrofit that can improve aesthetics, increase security, and make illuminating your outdoor environment more efficient.

Watch your money grow

Although there are upfront costs associated with a landscape lighting LED retrofit, the investment is well worth it. Because LED bulbs utilize far less energy than traditional sources – boasting up to 80% more efficiency and up to ten times the lifespan – the energy savings alone over time can not only pay for the equipment, but also result in a return on your investment.

Chesapeake Irrigation & Lighting can assist by swapping out lamps and ballasts, adding or updating your outdoor lighting controls, implementing wireless technology, and more. Your new LED setup will use less energy, last longer, and boost your property value, while continuous home illumination provides additional security.

See things in an all new light

An outdoor lighting retrofit is the way to go. Cooler to the touch, the use of LEDs reduces the risk of fire and injury, while casting a comforting, warm glow that never falters. Chesapeake Irrigation & Lighting can replace any outdoor system with new energy efficient LED bulbs.

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