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As Thanksgiving quickly approaches, many property owners have begun mapping out their exterior holiday lighting plan, making peace with the fact that they will soon be untangling indiscriminate wads of mini bulbs, before hauling them up a stepladder to a frosty and unstable perch.

Holiday lighting does not have to be an arctic horror show, however. Thanks to advances in technology and landscaping ideology, an abundance of options are available to home and property owners that fully capture the warmth and serenity of the holiday season.

This season, consider the following holiday landscape lighting alternatives:

  • Pathway lights can create a festive or solemn tone, while guiding your guests to hearth and home. A number of different options and arrangements are available to light your way. 
  • Create a sense of awe and majesty with strategically placed tree uplighting. Grounded lamps can cast subdued holiday hues of blue, green, silver, and gold into the branches of your evergreens for a truly magical effect.  
  • Flood and/or spotlights can accentuate seasonal greenery, as well as landscape mainstays such as shrubs, decorative plants, and the stark, winter stillness of trees that recently shed their leaves.
  • Emphasize entrance and porch lighting, and use it as a showcase for evergreen wreaths, topiaries, strings of garland, and more.
  • String lights, of course, are a favorite this time of year, and can be a great way to set a mood and draw attention to certain features of your home (yes – like the edge of your roof, but also spiraled around the trunks of trees or porch columns.)
  • Remember,when setting up this year’s holiday landscape lighting scheme, LEDs save energy, are more durable, and can reduce the cost of your outdoor display by up to 80%.

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