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When Clients Want the Moon, Chesapeake Delivers

In Northern Baltimore County, near the Pennsylvania line, a single-family home is nestled on a breathtaking expanse of property surrounded by lush maples and serenity. At dusk, this rural beauty becomes bathed in soft, LED moon lighting effects that showcase its exquisite features, courtesy of our hardworking team at Chesapeake Irrigation and Lighting. This particular country home had been purchased two years ago, and its owner was in the market for a complete overhaul. A general contractor and a landscape architect were brought in prior to our involvement, and a master plan was established to outline the construction and installation of a pool house, swimming pool, barn, and driveway, as well as the implementation of an all-new landscape design. Our team was then brought on board to devise a lighting scheme that would accentuate these new installations in a warm and approachable manner.

The Process

Chesapeake’s specialists set up an initial consultation with the client to ascertain their needs and opinions, and based on that input devised a comprehensive lighting design plan. Because of the multi-faceted nature of the project, requiring close collaboration between contractors, lighting installation was completed in distinct phases.

As landscapers finished successive segments of groundwork, our crew got to work shedding some light on the subject. The isolated, rural location provided an absolutely pitch black backdrop. A professional, yet inviting lighting aesthetic was the aim. Incorporating too many lamps, or the wrong kind, would create a misguided effect, and we did not want the result to resemble a theme park. Balance was of the essence.

Uplighting – a technique that illuminates a subject from the ground up – was used to showcase formal tree placement along the property’s perimeter and fence line, and was also implemented for the house, itself, which served as the property’s main focal point. Strategic placement allowed, and will continue to provide, a singularly dynamic view as visitors pull up the lane.

The barn and garage combo served as yet another central point of interest. In this instance, we implemented a technique known as wall-washing, in which a flat surface is bathed in an even distribution of light from floor to ceiling, creating an absolutely captivating effect.

We installed a string of pathway lights, to help guide guests in a safe and attractive manner, and incorporated a wealth of moon lighting to cast a soft glow on much of the landscaping. Lighting was also broken into zones, allowing the owner to activate house lighting, path lighting, and landscape lighting separately from one another, or in tandem.

All lamps installed were LEDs, which many have misconceived as cold and commercial, but are in reality very efficient, warm, and inviting.

Following a 3-4 month planning period, the entire project – which also included the installation of an automated irrigation system – was completed over the course of four months, culminating in June and carried out by a Chesapeake Irrigation & Lighting team that was 5-10 men strong at any given time.

The Challenges

Mother Nature did her best to slow us down, as May was one of the wettest months of the year. Working through the elements always poses an interesting challenge, but our team persevered. Additionally, coordinating our work with multiple firms was somewhat of a learning experience, requiring intricate scheduling and expectation management along the way. In the end, however, we worked well with others and finished the job on time and to the client’s satisfaction.

The Response

The homeowner has again hired us to create additional moon lighting effects in other corners of the property. We’re taking that as a good sign, and look forward to a continued professional relationship with the client, and additional opportunities to further beautify this magnificent home.