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Reflections on a Waterfront Lighting Challenge

Chesapeake Irrigation & Lighting’s team recently shed some light on a unique waterfront property in Baltimore County.

Located in a flood plain, the home featured a second story front entrance. With no nearby streetlamps, the stairway leading to the door could become quite dark at times.

While installing safety lights for the stairway, our client also requested pier lighting, which would not only contribute to a safer atmosphere – particularly when walking at night – but would also create a dazzling deck view from the back of the house.

Chesapeake’s specialists put their beach shoes on and got to work.

A team of three men worked for almost three days to complete the installation.

Coordinating the work with the changing of the tides proved to be an interesting challenge for our team. With the lion’s share of wiring required underneath the pier, our specialists could only work at low tide. It was also integral to drill through the pilings in a manner that allowed for all wiring to be completely hidden.

The Response

Once completed, a smartphone app allowed the client to control all fixtures separately with just a swipe or a click.  

The result? Another satisfied customer who has been fielding quite a few inquiries from jealous waterfront neighbors!