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Be honest. When’s the last time you called your sprinkler system?

For more than 35 years, Chesapeake Irrigation & Lighting has been in the business of helping commercial and residential clients keep their lawns lush and green with automatic irrigation systems, while shedding a light on the myriad benefits of outdoor landscape illumination.

We’ve prided ourselves with saving customers time and money, while making installation and operation as simple and efficient as possible.

And technology, once again, just made things a lot easier (and a bit more fun). You may not know it yet, but some sprinkler and lighting systems are now accessible via smartphone.

In fact, WiFi enabled irrigation and lighting systems are on the rise. It’s an innovative development that places control, literally, in the hands of the user, and can potentially reduce costly service calls while providing unrestricted 24/7 access to a property’s various setups and equipment.

Take the HC Controller with HydrawiseTM, a popular WiFi enabled irrigation system that allows complete dashboard control from a smartphone, tablet, or PC from virtually anywhere in the world.

Most impressively, perhaps, is that a Hydrawise controller can scan local weather stations and forecasts and then adjust a system’s watering times accordingly. What’s more, it acts like a virtual rain sensor, and can shut off systems following substantial rainfall. Monitoring, measuring, and reporting on a customer’s irrigation helps to conserve water, while making sure plants and lawns are cared for.

Not only can technology help you to protect and beautify your lawn and garden from the screen of your phone, but it can also allow you to enjoy your landscape views at any time of the night thanks to WiFi-enhanced lighting systems.

While it may not save the environment, the Wi-Fi Luxor ZD landscape lighting system might just help customers save face with neighbors who complain about lights shining at all hours of the night.

With this innovative system, zoning and dimming are controllable via iOS and Android devices for custom ambiance at the drop of a hat. Exit your office or home to a burst of illumination, dim the lights to set a mood for an outdoor meal, and return to your regularly scheduled illumination when everything is said and done.

For added versatility, customers can add an optional Light Assignment Module (LAM) to their smartphone, and assign any Luxor fixture on their property, at any given time, to a different lighting group. And with just the swipe of a finger, users can change and control more than 30,000 color schemes available through select Luxor ZDC systems, to create a mood, reinvigorate a party, or celebrate the holidays.

It’s a brave new world. Our devices can do remarkable things, but luckily they haven’t been able to replicate personable, personalized customer service. For that, you can still call the Chesapeake Irrigation & Lighting team at (410) 987-2969.