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  • Commercial Lighting

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  • Shine a Light on Your Success

    It’s simple, really: Customers can’t find your business if they can’t see your business.

    Let Chesapeake Irrigation & Lighting shed some light on your success with comprehensive, cutting-edge LED lighting plans that are: 

    • Customizable
    • Cost-effective
    • Low-maintenance
    • Energy-efficient (reducing energy costs by up to 90 percent)
    • Automated

    Our retrofits save property owners money in the long run, offsetting the upfront cost of installation and boasting a staggering Return on Investment in approximately 2-3 years.

    What's more, LEDs have tallied upwards of 50,000 hours of use. That means your commercial space will have safe, brilliant light for years to come.

    Our commercial LED retrofits and rebuilds are ideal for: 

    • Businesses and commercial spaces
    • High-end homes and condominiums
    • High-concept restaurants
    • Hospitals and Medical Centers

    Illumination at Your Fingertips

    Our next-gen commercial lighting systems allow you to access and modify your business’s lighting schemes from across the room or across the globe. 

    • Control zoning, dimming, and more using an app on your mobile phone
    • Assign any fixture to a different lighting group at any time
    • Tens of thousands of lighting combinations available

    All the Colors of the Rainbow

    Adjust the color of your commercial property or restaurant to coincide with festive celebrations, themes, and more.  

    • Convey Christmas greetings with reds, greens, and cool blues
    • Set a spooky stage with orange, purple, and yellow hues
    • Transform the interior of your bar into a star-studded tribute to a professional sports team
    • Cast a tropical glow over your backyard patio and deck for an impromptu luau

    The possibilities are practically endless, and like our other automated systems, achievable with just one or two swipes of a mobile screen.

    Questions? Chesapeake Irrigation & Lighting representatives have answers that will brighten your day.