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4 Benefits of Having an Automatic Irrigation System

Time for a multiple choice pop quiz: Complete this quote: “This spring, I would like to spend my free time: A) Dragging the garden hose from the shed, struggling to straighten the kinks, and guesstimating the most efficient times to water my lawn....

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The Fig Tree at Crossbar Federal Hill

The Crossbar der Biergarten at 18 E. Cross Street in Federal Hill recently – finally – received its liquor license transfer, following four years of ups-and-downs. By the end of March, however, Baltimoreans...

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The Top 3 Questions You Must Ask Your Irrigation Contractor

Before long, both commercial and residential property owners desiring growing, green lawns this spring will be shopping around for the ideal irrigation contractor. Does such a thing exist? It’s hard to say. Ideals vary from consumer to consumer. However, the real...

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